Internet Marketing Strategy – Step by step

February 14, 2017 Off By Mike

Internet Marketing Strategy – Step by step I have created a new version of this video. Watch the new Internet” rel=”nofollow” >Marketing Strategy – Step by step video here A summary of the essential step by step process your business must follow to be successful online for website marketing. Get this wrong and you will regret it as this has been proven to have the maximum impact on your business`s growth potential. 1) Keyword Research —————————– A professional keyword research service eliminates guesswork so that you can invest your marketing budget wisely to boost your leads and sales. Visit the link bellow to find the demand for your product or service online 2) Competitive Analysis ————————————- Pick you battles wisely. Discover the intelligent & quickest way to beat your competition. Apply for your competitor research now 3) Creation or upgrade of your website based on advanced conversion design principles (Not what you web developer looks at most of the time) Install Google Analytics (Its completely free and worth $1000`s) 4) Google Adwords Audit ————————————– Test which keyword phrases actually convert into a qualified lead or sale using pay per click first (Google Adwords) Our Google Adwords professional management service is guaranteed to grow your sales & reduce costs, more efficiently. Apply for a professional Google Adwords audit for FREE now. 5) SEO – The left hand side of Google once you know which keyword phrases actually convert. If you take 6,12, 18, 24 months to get your keyword phrases found on Google and then it does not convert how frustrated will you be not to mention how much money you will have saved paying an SEO company to get you found on Google On Page Optimisation ——————————— Order your professional on page optimisation report now to learn how to beat your no 1 competitor on Google 6) Track and test what works that could increase your conversion by 2%+ just by changing your call to action, guarantee or offer Website Audit and Integrated” rel=”nofollow” >Marketing Review ————————————————————————————– Get more qualified phone & email inquiries, and sales online. Apply for your Integrated Digital” rel=”nofollow” >Marketing review now ($997 Value – your’s FREE!). Contact Andrew —————————- +61 7 3103 3265 +61 401 445 019 SEO & Social Media Strategies To Boost Sales:

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