Keep website software up to date or suffer!

April 17, 2012 Off By Mike
There has been a number of cases recently of wordpress, joomla and drupal content management systems being compromised by 3rd parties. Or put another way – hacked! This highlights a serious issue when considering a hosting deal for your website; who is going to keep your software up to date? You can get magical deals on hosting, but the true cost (and one which is never taken into account), is that like all ‘systems’ you need to factor in the ‘maintenance’ of the website, and I’m not just talking about updating articles and pictures, I’m talking about keeping the software AND any plugins up to date. This is crucial to protect your website and corporate image. Over at the monthly cost is above the cheap deals, but INCLUDES keeping the core software up to date. As it happens, clients tend to be small and medium enterprises, charities and ‘not for profits’ so they keep a watchful eye on the software used by the clients. Over at, after setting up the software and design as any other design agency would do; they also keep an eye on the installed plugins to ensure the clients are protected. So between us we offer a better service and the true cost is very reasonable after all!

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