Office software for Nowt!

August 10, 2012 Off By Mike
After using msOffice for many years, and paying for the privalege, I discovered the Open Source Software movement.

The concept of having something for nowt, (as they say up north), appeals to me – must be in the DNA.

My first steps to open source was using OpenOffice and it became a real replacement for the world market leader! Following some problems after change in ownership, the OpenOffice project ‘forked’ into LibreOffice. You see in Open Source you can have the source code and continue developing the product yourself!!

So I’ve been using LibreOffice for a few years now, and I’m completelly happy using it on Windows, Linux and as a portableApp on USB. Well not fully happy… you see because I’ve been so busy using LibreOffice (opening and saving msOffice format files too), I ‘forgot’ to upgrade to the latest versions. And this has presented me with a problem thats been driving me mad.

My version is 3.4.2, the ‘latest’ version is 3.6.0, so I downloaded 3.6.0 but installation failed – over and over again. Frantically reading FAQ’s and forums, I found out that earlier than 3.4.5 versions WILL fail when trying to upgrade!

So back to for an older version… 3.5.5 available, but it’s no good to me, I’ve got to upgrade to 3.4.5 first!!!!!

Well I’ve finally found the 3.4.5 dowload on a website called, (what else would it be called?).

Currently installing this one now, then I’ll install the current version afterwards and …. hopefully that will be it!

The moral is “as a user of software, you have a responsibility to keep the said software up to date” thus saving loads of time later!

Why couldn’t the software update itself?

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