My Awesome Journey To Get Website Traffic

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We All Need Website Visitors

Looking to improve your lifestyle, looking for financial freedom, looking to build your online Career?

Well that was me a few weeks ago!

And then I found out about a great guy called Wayne (with a quaint English county accent, maybe Norfolk?), and his Community.

Facebook Group

I found a community of like minded people, experts and newcomers like me, who are supportive and go the extra mile to answer questions to clarify how to go about generating Traffic for your website, getting Leads and Sales for your business or additional income endeavours. Quite something considering what the world is going through with COVID-19. After going through some of the Units within the group, and following a FREE 10 step training course, I embarked upon implementing what I had learned. I had a go at buying Solo Ads from Wayne as I soon realised this guy really knows his stuff, and is a leader in his niche.

Here is what happened…

Here are the stats…

On the face of it, this is SUPERB!

As I’ve purchased Solo Ads before and got ZERO optins. 🙁

But there’s more!

Because I had followed some of the other FREE training too, I have built up a few Sales Funnels that my subscribers will be moving through with emails of tips and offers being sent to them AUTOMATICALLY in sequence. So apart from an initial sale, I have the potential of further or multiple sales down the line. Leading to…

Increasing the Value of each customer.

So to say I’m happy is an understatement! I haven’t felt this positive about making money for a very long time. Most importantly I had the Facebook Group watching my back and helping when I got stuck. Get in the group if you too want to experience what I have just done.

But note this, it’s NOT a get-rich-quick journey, you MUST put in the work!

But it’s Proving to be Worth the Effort.

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