Website Risk Management Policy for Charities

November 6, 2012 Off By Mike
When volunteering to help charities build their website I make sure they are made aware of the following:-
  •  From time to time, website content management system developers release upgrades/bug fixes/security patches, and it’s the later that is the most important.
  • Much to my dismay, many website design agencies offer to design the website but fail to point out to clients that they need to keep the software up to date to stop nasty people hacking their website. The designers have been paid to design and go on to the next project.
  • So there is a ‘management’ of your website that needs to be addressed; you either have ‘someone’ keeping things right, or you pay for a specialist charity friendly hosting facility that does it for you. (about £15/month with
  • I recently checked out an existing website for another charity for which I was volunteering, I found that their site had been hacked and links to porn sites were added to the code but not visible to the viewer; the search engines ‘would’ pick up the links and associate them with the charity.. not good!
I’ve raised this issue so you are aware of this risk and can make an informed decision when your Board is putting together a Website Risk Management Policy.

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