Why a part-time Quality System Manager makes good business sense!

November 16, 2012 Off By Mike
As small businesses reign in spending in these hard times, many have had to get rid of their Quality Manager to reduce fixed costs. A bad move you may think, especially as the upkeep of quality management systems and certification seem to need more and more resources. However, if you look a bit deeper it makes sense! I’ll explain.. Traditionally, as I’ve found over the last 18 years as a consultant, companies have employed a quality manager who was trained and experienced in Quality Control or Inspection within the companies specialism; they will have been involved with formal introduction of quality management systems like ISO9001, and consider looking after the maintenance of the QMS as a trivial task. Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately the role from which they’ve migrated starts to suffer and leads to the employment of another Inspector. The development of the QMS has now gone ahead unfettered by management intervention as the new Quality Manager creates new ways to log and record so called essential systems, with no regard as to the benefit or ‘added value’ of the changes. Starting to feel familiar now? So what can be done about it? A bit of umbrella or strategic thinking helps! Go back to having the right person doing what they do best for your business, that is Quality Control and Inspection. Get part-time support for the management of the QMS, enlist the help of an experienced quality SYSTEM manager. This could include independent internal audits, liaison with certification bodies, upkeep of the documented quality system, and advice on improvements that add value. This scenario would only require a number of days a year rather than a full-time position thus it’s cost effective. A part-time Quality System Manager makes good business sense! Drop me a line to discuss your needs.

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